Development a study and analysis of COVID-19 prevention international best practices in public transport, for “MOVE IT like Lublin – A Chisinau public sustainable development initiative” Project

Chisinau City Hall initially started the project DEVELOPMENT OF A STUDY AND ANALYSIS OF INTERNATIONAL BEST PRACTICES FOR COMBATING COVID19 IN PUBLIC TRANSPORT under the program “Move it Like Lublin – a Chisinau Sustainable Development Initiative” (in partnership with Lublin City Hall). Within the scope of this project JSC “Gaučė ir Ko” has been appointed by City Hall of Chisinau Municipality to:

  • prepare Analysis Report of best practices response on public health emergencies and protection in order to provide a safer public transport in Lublin and Chisinau.
  • develop an implementation guideline for the public measures in public transport.

The Study can be described in two main phases – current situation assessment and conceptual phase. The activities implemented during the project were:

  • Desk review of provided statistical data and relevant documents with intention to set State of the art, identify how are the responsibilities for public transport and public health divided among national, regional authorities and local public transport/local health agencies and what kind of partnerships are possible, identify if Chisinau is already integrating health-safety measures to the existing public transport system and what kind of digital services are available to substitute services requiring close contact and to answer other relevant questions coming out of the data analysis.
  • Stakeholders’ involvement through regular meetings with Project team from Chisinau and Lublin bilateral discussions to gain the whole view on the situation in Chisinau and discuss the findings and initial thoughts from Experts’ team and cross-sectoral discussion on interim results and proposed measures with Chisinau Public Health and Public Transport authorities.
  • Roadmap for combating COVID-19 in public transport is prepared. The Roadmap contains the set of measures and requirements for public transport service provision and recommendations for improvements not only in the public transport sector, but in overall mobility management as well. The Roadmap is complemented with final technical specifications for Study findings on best practices for combating COVID-19 pandemic adverse effects on public transport.

The final result of the conducted analysis and workshops – Implementation Guidelines for the public health measures in public transport.

  • Client: OOO SIMPALS / City Hall of Chisinau Municipality
  • Project duration: October - December, 2021